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“Scraps” is making some serious progress this week!

Here is some sneak peeks on the process of prepping for casting.

First you have to sprue up the waxes to cast and make a wax cup



Then you have to dip them in a ceramic coating and sands.  You do this till you build up a really thick coating.  In this photo you can see mine in the early stages and in the background you can see some that are much further along.

1378327_10202236796227101_788211365_nAfter all of that you have cut the top off and melt out the large cup

1480734_10202705092934226_760700900_nThen the pieces go into a furnace to melt out all of the remainder of the wax and solidifies the ceramic shell mold.


After you have your molds all prepped its time to melt some metal!!


After the pour


Time to bust it out! the only way to do it is with a hammer and chisels!

1390698_10202289204057264_837328001_n 1381290_10202289368421373_453455792_nAnd here is what they look like now!