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           This photograph comes from my collection and is absolutely lovely.  This particular photo has a hidden element.  These are called hidden mother tintypes.  I never noticed it before someone actually pointed it out to me.  In the picture we see a baby in a white dress.  The nature of these photographs is that they have extremely long exposure time. Any kind of movement will show up as a blur in the photograph. that is actually why most people do not smile in the pictures. It is far easier to relax the face then to hold a smile for the amount of time needed for the exposure.  Babies and small children do not hold still very long.

            That is where the hidden mother comes into play.  If you look directly behind the baby you will see a blanket in a domed shape.  This is NOT the chair it is sitting on.  It is actually the babies mother (sometimes father) holding the baby in their lap.  This way the photo will be of the baby and they parent can hold them still for the photograph.  If you look closely at the photograph you can see the parents fingers in the babies underarm.  These photos are both unique and kinda of creepy, in the good way!