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image           This week I made a 2 part mold of that raven skull I carved out of wax since I want to make multiples.  The mold is made with polyurethane.  I ended up having to do a lot of jerry rigging with this mold.  The wooden containment box ended up being to short and I ended up having to build up walls with some oil based clay around it to fill it up more.


       This was the not so fun part.  Getting the mold out of the box. I could have sprayed just a little more mold release on the actual box.  The polyurethane stuck a little bit.  Luckily with a little coaxing I got it to free itself from the wood.  The mold actually came off really nicely from the skull which made me pretty happy!


            Finally! Did a few casts last night with some molten wax and it works perfectly!!! Which makes me so happy! These will be cast in silicon bronze in a week or two.