Exciting News!


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This morning I got an email saying I have been approved to have my own Solo Exhibition this next semester! I am so excited! The gallery space is actually becoming 30-50% larger than it used to be so this winter break I’m going to be cranking out some work! The show is February 17-20th and reception is on the 20th from 6-8pm! save the date!

Also in good news i’ve gotten this piece done! It is a reliquary to my most used tool, The Jewelers Saw Frame.

Here is a quick snap of the piece!





Work in Progress – “Scraps”


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“Scraps” is making some serious progress this week!

Here is some sneak peeks on the process of prepping for casting.

First you have to sprue up the waxes to cast and make a wax cup



Then you have to dip them in a ceramic coating and sands.  You do this till you build up a really thick coating.  In this photo you can see mine in the early stages and in the background you can see some that are much further along.

1378327_10202236796227101_788211365_nAfter all of that you have cut the top off and melt out the large cup

1480734_10202705092934226_760700900_nThen the pieces go into a furnace to melt out all of the remainder of the wax and solidifies the ceramic shell mold.


After you have your molds all prepped its time to melt some metal!!


After the pour


Time to bust it out! the only way to do it is with a hammer and chisels!

1390698_10202289204057264_837328001_n 1381290_10202289368421373_453455792_nAnd here is what they look like now!

Road Trip! SNAG Forging Entrepreneurs in San Fransisco


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This weekend I went to SNAG’s Forging Entrepreneurs Conference in San Fransisco.  SNAG is a metalsmithing group and stands for Society of North American Goldsmiths.  This conference had some really great speakers which included:

Ben Allen, Labrador Agency
Cindy Edelstein, Jewelers’ Resource Bureau
Sarah Graham, Sarah Graham Metalsmithing
Alissia Melka-Teichroew, ByAMT
George Post, George Post Photography 
Jonathan Russell, JR Casting


The conference was held at The Academy of Art University.  It is nestled into the heart of San Fransisco. This school actually is in its first year of a brand new Jewelery and Metalwork program.  I would have liked to be able to take a tour of the new programs studios, but I didn’t get a chance.  Maybe next visit!


After the conference we got to go hang out in a penthouse and got a fabulous view of the city!  I got to meet and talk to some great metalsmiths.  All in all it was a really great time!

1376600_10201572811738699_1457944756_nAlso as a bonus I cut my hair and bleached it!


Insperation Fridays


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           This photograph comes from my collection and is absolutely lovely.  This particular photo has a hidden element.  These are called hidden mother tintypes.  I never noticed it before someone actually pointed it out to me.  In the picture we see a baby in a white dress.  The nature of these photographs is that they have extremely long exposure time. Any kind of movement will show up as a blur in the photograph. that is actually why most people do not smile in the pictures. It is far easier to relax the face then to hold a smile for the amount of time needed for the exposure.  Babies and small children do not hold still very long.

            That is where the hidden mother comes into play.  If you look directly behind the baby you will see a blanket in a domed shape.  This is NOT the chair it is sitting on.  It is actually the babies mother (sometimes father) holding the baby in their lap.  This way the photo will be of the baby and they parent can hold them still for the photograph.  If you look closely at the photograph you can see the parents fingers in the babies underarm.  These photos are both unique and kinda of creepy, in the good way!


Work in Progress – “Scraps”


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image           This week I made a 2 part mold of that raven skull I carved out of wax since I want to make multiples.  The mold is made with polyurethane.  I ended up having to do a lot of jerry rigging with this mold.  The wooden containment box ended up being to short and I ended up having to build up walls with some oil based clay around it to fill it up more.


       This was the not so fun part.  Getting the mold out of the box. I could have sprayed just a little more mold release on the actual box.  The polyurethane stuck a little bit.  Luckily with a little coaxing I got it to free itself from the wood.  The mold actually came off really nicely from the skull which made me pretty happy!


            Finally! Did a few casts last night with some molten wax and it works perfectly!!! Which makes me so happy! These will be cast in silicon bronze in a week or two.

Protfolio Work – “River of Styx”


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IMG_8764 copy IMG_8765 copy IMG_8766 copy IMG_8767 copy

            “River of Styx”  Copper, Reticulated brass, Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Garnet, Antique Tintype Photographs
             The wearer is forced to be face to face with this family of forgotten people. The two brass “coins” represent the coins you would put over your eyes to take the boat across the river of styx.

Work in Progress – “Scraps”


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          Started working on this piece for my foundry class this week.  It’s going to be quiet an ambitions piece but I’m pretty excited about it.  There will be 5 of these Raven skulls that I have craved out of petroleum wax and cast in bronze via the Lost Wax Casting technique.  I used different types of dental tools to sculpt it and a heat gun to make the wax more malleable. I really enjoy sculpting, it is actually what I can to ASU for to begin with.


Work in Progress – “Leftover Thoughts”


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wpid-IMG_20130905_200042_775.jpg             This week I’m starting on my flatware project in my metals class. I start with a drawing and sketches. They are extremely important.  They make you think about how the piece will come together and help you work out future issues.

wpid-IMG_20130911_161532_050.jpg                 Starting to saw everything out!